Registration to the mentoring programme extended to Feb. 28, 2017

BeWiSe new mentoring programme was presented on Feb. 3, 2017 at the Royal Observatory of Belgium. In order to allow new mentors and mentees to submit their application form and benefit from the scheme this year, the deadline for applications is postponed to Feb. 28, 2017.

More info on the programme here

Contact us for more info and apply as mentor or mentee at

Info session & lecture: launching a new series of mentoring 2017

Building up on successful experience, we are launching a new series of mentoring for early career scientists. The information session will take place at the Royal Observatory of Belgium, on Friday, February 3, 2017. From 10:00am to 3:00 pm.  

This event will allow you to learn about the aim, benefits and set-up of the programme, to reflect on the feedback of mentors and mentees, to share your expectations and... to meet a potential mentor. The lecture provides insights into a topic relevant to BeWiSe objectives.

We welcome mentees (in particular women, but not exclusively) and mentors (both genders) who would like to join this mentoring scheme experience, as well as anyone potentially interested in future participation.

Register NOW by e-mail at


  • 10h Welcome and introduction by Patricia Lampens, member of BeWiSe Steering Committee
  • Testimonies from past BeWiSe mentor and mentee
  • BeWiSe mentoring basics rules, content and process by Tania Van Loon, President of BeWiSe
  • 11h Lecture "Sense and nonsense about the gendered brain" by Rudi D'Hooge, PhD in Biology and PhD in Psychology
  • Lunch and networking, during which candidat mentors and mentees can present themselves
  • 14h Concluding remarks and next steps

Already ready to apply as mentee or mentor? 
Download here the application docs and bring them to the info session of Feb. 3.

Membership due for 2015

BeWiSe is dedicated to achieving equal and full participation of women in all scientific disciplines and at all levels, because we believe that diversity will further promote scientific excellence and progress. We welcome all women and men working or having worked at all levels in science in the public and private sectors who promote equal participation of women in science.

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