11th of October: International Day of the Girl

"October 11th this year is the first ever International Day of the Girl – designated by the United Nations following an extensive campaign led by Plan. It’s our day to spread the word that the power of investing in girls is extraordinary. It saves lives. It transforms futures. It unleashes the incredible potential of girls and their communities.

Globally, one in three girls is denied a secondary education by the daily realities of poverty, discrimination and violence. Every day, young girls are forced into marriage, isolated from their friends and subjected to abuse.

Yet, with education, skills and support, girls can choose their own future and be a force for change. Plan’s 75 years of experience has shown us that educated girls are likely to be healthier, to earn more, and to marry and have children later. An educated girl is more likely to reinvest her knowledge and income into her family and community."

Read more and sign the petition to ask the UN to make the education of girls a priority here