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Next focused lunches: keep tuned !

In the coming months, various key speakers will contribute to our focused lunches presentations which will tackle the following topics:

  • How to go abroad, Dr. Isa Schon, RBINS (May 2017, Brussels)
  • Writing good scientific publications, Dr. Koen Martens, RBINS (June 2017, Brussels)
  • Girls and physics, Prof. Silvia Wenmaeckers, KUL (18 Oct. 2017, Leuven, see separate announcement below)
  • Work-life balance, Dr. Saskia Van Uffelen, Ericsson Benelux (24 Nov. 2017 see separate pre-announcement below)
  • External mentoring programme Space for you, Senator Dominique Tilmans
  • Considering gender aspects of Research, Tania Van Loon,