Science needs you! Production details

“Science needs you!” Is a film presenting six portraits of scientists (4 women, 2 men) who explain how they got passionate for nature as kids, how they enriched this passion while opting for a scientific career, what are their main other interests and hobbies and what’s their message to teenagers to encourage them in choosing for science…

Hey Boys & Girls, This is for you!!!!

The Film Production:

  • Contacts with the interviewees, meetings and field preparation: Carole Paleco (BeWiSe)
  • Interviewer: Monique Chalude (Sociologist Director of MC2Chalude consulting firm) and Carole Paleco (BeWiSe President – Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences)
  • Film director: Sylvain Biegeleisen
  • Introduction by Carole Paleco, BeWiSe President, International relations - Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

The Interviewees

  • Dr. Ir. Ingrid Parmentier, Agricultural engineer, FRS-FNRS researcher at ULB
  • Dr. Ir. Maurice Leponce, Ecologist at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
  • Dr. Hilde Eggermont, Freshwater Biologist, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Koen Martens, Evolutionary biologist, Head of Department "Education & Nature", Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and Guest professor, University of Ghent
  • Prof. Dr. Marleen Temmerman, Obstetrician-Gynaecologist at University of Ghent, Belgian Senator
  • Prof. Dr. Véronique Dehant, Planetologist, Royal Observatory of Belgium

The film has been produced by BeWiSe with the support of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.