From the General Assembly on June 28, 2019: a new project & a big thanks to all !

At our General Assembly we decided to join forces with Solvay and other partners to host an ambitious project targeting secondary school pupils. Girls Leading in Science should to increase our impact to achieve gender balance in scientific careers by addressing the issue at a young age. This project complements our movie and interactive tool - as well as the mentoring programme for early career adult scientists.

"Girls Leading in Science (GirLS)" competition encourages young people to undertake higher education in a scientific or technological field.  Science and technology is everyone's business, boys and girls alike… but this time, it’s the girls who lead the way!

Flemish and French-speaking high school students deal with a scientific or technical subject of their choice, get a video of their team, visit laboratories, take part in discussions on women's scientific careers in R&D. The winner is offered the fee of her first year at university !

The project was started in 2018 by Solvay company. Belgian Women in Science asbl-vzw will host it from now on. Pupils and teachers stay tuned ! Pre-selection of the new edition is open until Nov. 6, 2019 !

Thanks to all members, supporters and volunteers for your contributions and support.

Tania, for the Board

EPWS 2018 report to the French Ministry of Higher Education

Discover this in-depth study to inform the Office for Human Resources, Equality and Anti-discrimination Strategies of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) on good practices in different European countries to support to male and female PhD students and post-docs and specific trainings for a better integration into academic and non-academic worlds. This includes BeWise mentoring programme. In French with summary in English.

Check out Tania Dekens presentation at our latest Lunch & Learn on 26 Nov. 2018

The top manager of Famifed shares her career experience and reflect on how it is to be a female boss in a male dominated workplace.

Article on BeWiSe in the press

French-speaking magazine Axelle of Jan-Fev 2017 explains why Belgian Women and Science is (still) needed, read the full article.

Info session & lecture: Launching a new series of mentoring 2017-2018

Register NOW by e-mail at and learn about the aim, benefits and set-up of the new mentoring programme. The lecture will provide insights into a topic relevant to BeWiSe objectives.

We welcome mentees (in particular women, but not exclusively) and mentors (both genders) who would like to join this mentoring scheme experience, as well as anyone potentially interested in future participation.


  • 10h Welcome and introduction by Patricia Lampens, member of BeWiSe Steering Committee

  • Testimonies from past BeWiSe mentor and mentee

  • BeWiSe mentoring basics rules, content and process by Tania Van Loon, President of BeWiSe

  • 11h Lecture "Sense and nonsense about the gendered brain" by Rudi D'Hooge, PhD in Biology and PhD in Psychology

  • Lunch and networking, during which candidat mentors and mentees can present themselves

  • 14h Concluding remarks and next steps

Already ready to apply as mentee or mentor? 
Download here the application docs and bring them to the info session of Feb. 3.

General assembly 2016 and mentoring programme

Dear member of Belgian Women in Science,
Dear supporter of gender equality in scientific careers,

We are delighted to invite you to the next BeWiSe General Assembly taking place at the Royal Observatory of Belgium on September 20 at 18pm.
Discover the meeting agenda in attachment.

To confirm your attendance, just send us back an email at

Looking forward to meeting you on Sept. 20.


Tania Van Loon, Secretary, for BeWiSe board.

Belgian Women in Science association

Brussels, 8-10 November 2016: 9th Gender Summit: Gender-based research, innovation and development for sustainable economies and societal wellbeing

The Gender Summit is a platform for dialogue where scientists, policy makers, gender scholars and stakeholders in science systems examine new research evidence showing when, why, and how biological differences (sex) and socio-cultural differences (gender) between females and males impact on outcomes. The aim is to reach consensus where improvements to science knowledge and science practice are needed and who should take action.

The GS9 Europe invites abstracts from researchers and projects on the following themes:

  • Environment and quality of human life (e.g. pollution and climate change effects on the lives of women and men)

  • Sex and gender dynamics in ecosystem services (e.g. sustainable production of fish or plants for food, protecting biodiversity)

  • Sex-gender effects in research, innovation and development (e.g. differences in results and outcomes for women and men)

  • Sex-gender knowledge in science curriculum and researcher training (e.g. clinical medicine, safety engineering, research standards)

  • Gender in decision-making and leadership (e.g. research teams, assessment of excellence, academic governance)

  • Gender analysis for design and implementation of policy (e.g. open science and innovation, sustainable development)

  • Scientific understanding of sex and gender (e.g. at molecular, cell, physiological, and socio-cultural levels)

Call for Abstracts available via Gender Summit website (deadline 16 July 2016)

GS9 Eu themes:

  1. New research on when, why and how sex-gender issues impact on quality of research, innovation, and development outputs and outcomes

  2. How gender continues to be addressed in Horizon 2020

  3. How to mainstream gender into the EU new vision for ERA of Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World

  4. How the global policy agendas to make the world a better place for all can benefit from incorporating scientific understanding of sex-gender issues

  5. New efforts to develop reliable, and region and sector sensitive, performance metrics and gender equality indicators and statistics, and to integrate them into research, innovation, and development policy actions

  6. The contributions made by the Gender Summit platform, and its global community of experts and practitioners, to advance gender-sensitive and responsive research, innovation, and development.


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